Andy & Melissa

Oak Ridge Jewelers

"It was always my dream to swim with whales or dolphins... I've been obsessed since I was a kid. My husband, not so much. Without me having any idea what was going on, and having pretty much given up on the idea that we'd ever get married, he planned the entire day without me knowing a thing. When we woke up that day, he told me we were going on a date in Chicago, which immediately made me suspicious, because we never do that. So to get me to cooperate, he told me that he and I were doing the Beluga whale experience at the Shedd Aquarium. I just about hyperventilated! We dropped the kiddos off with their grandparents and made our way into the city. I was so nervous (and we were running a bit late) that I didn't even notice him passing off the ring to the staff. After a quick educational meeting with the staff, we put on our waders and went out to the tank! I was so nervous and excited and just blown away. As we're interacting with the whale, the trainer tells my husband to throw this treasure chest shaped box out into the tank. The whale goes and gets it and brings it back to me. The trainer tells me to open it, and I totally didn't want to. I thought there was going to be a squid inside, and I didn't want to have to touch it. Instead, there was a ring box, with my engagement ring. I remember looking at him and saying "Really?" And he said yes, and asked me to marry him. 

He never fails to make all my dreams come true, but it totally started with a whale bringing me my ring."

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