Craig & Melissa

Oak Ridge Jewelers

"Craig & I went to visit my cousin in California. He was to nervous to leave the ring in his suitcase, so he frantically attempted traveling with it in his carry on. On our last night in California we went to dinner with my cousin on the beach front. At the time he & I were smokers & had snuck away outside to smoke. The next thing I know hes down on one knee, but it didnt click what he was doing & my natural instincts hit him & said "Craig what are you doing, theres people around" it was then that I realized!!
I was sooo surprised & it was so crazy to have left my cousin at the table & come back Engaged!!! Here we are, married 15 years this year! & if my Hubby surprises me with a piece of jewelry, Oak Ridge Jewelers is still his go to place!"


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