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Lavish Foam Jewelry Cleaner - Victoria's Jewelry

Product description

Keep your jewelry looking good as new with the Lavish jewelry cleaner: 

Fine jewelry is designed and crafted to last a lifetime but can easily lose its luster due to the use of certain beauty products, such as body lotions, makeup, and hairspray, as well as the natural oils in our skin.The good news is, whether you wish to clean precious stones, gold, or silver, with the Lavish jewelry cleaner your beloved accessories will look as bright and lustful as they did the day you first brought them home! 

Expertly developed: 

The Lavish jewelry cleaning kit was developed by a third generation jeweler and gemologist, so you can rest assured that your jewelry will be bathed to perfection. This even includes your precious gemstones, such as pearls, diamonds, and opals, as well as their mountings.

How to use: 

To use your cleaner, simply apply a small amount of foam to your piece of jewelry, wait 20-30 seconds for the formula to sink in (using the soft bristle brush, if necessary, on any stubborn marks), then rinse off thoroughly with water. Dry using the soft, non-scratch cloth provided and stand back and marvel as your precious possession sparkles with its former luster! 

Non-toxic formula: 

The Lavish cleaning formula is bio-based and contains only the best for your jewelry. It is completely free of any harsh chemicals, peroxides, phosphates, or ammonia, and will do absolutely no harm to the environment. 

Kit includes:
75ml foaming wash 
Cleaning brush
Jewelry bag

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